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作者:Alan  Joynes
职务:漂莱特(中国)有限公司 总裁
Purolite continue to innovate by developing new water treatment solutions for Nuclear radiation cleanup and removal and also are moving into Life Sciences.
Purolite has been in existence since 1981 and continues to develop new and exciting products while working with our customers to come up with innovative applications that can give them a competitive edge in their ever- evolving markets. Keeping ahead is the name of the game.
Recently we were invited to help a top Japanese company to help them to come up with a solution to clean up the radioactive contaminated cooling waters at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. This was a very difficult problem which has never occurred in any situation before. The objective was to clean up 62 nucleides from the sea water which was used to cool the nuclear reactors after the earthquake and tsunami. Purolite using a mixture of their existing range of products as well as developing some new products that could adsorb high concentrations of radioactive cesium and strontium were the only company that was able to supply a system that could remove these 62 nucliides down to non detectable levels. Not only did we develop a system of removal but with our innovative products the radioactive waste to dispose of could be reduced by 90%. We firmly believe that these new products will become the new best technology for dealing with radiation waste in the future and making nuclear power a more safe and efficient power option for the world’s energy requirements.
This solution was developed within a very short period of time due to Purolite’s very strong commitment to excellence in research and applications of ion exchange resins, adsorption media and catalysis. We have first class scientists working in a global environment in the UK, USA, Rumania, Russia and China laboratories to provide solutions for our global customers.
We are now making a strong commitment to life sciences by forming a new business of Purolite called Lifetech. We are developing a strong research and applications team in the UK to enable us to provide a lot of our existing customers as well as many new customers to be able to choose Purolite for their immobilized enzyme solutions. Wherever fermentation is used excellent quality water is essential and Purolite can provide that solution. Wherever fermentation is used enzymes will play an important role and wherever enzymes are used then immobilized enzymes can make a difference in substantially reducing operation costs and improving the quality of the products. Why do Purolite think we can make a difference for customers? Due to having the largest range of immobilized enzyme carriers with the widest range of porosities we believe we can improve on any exisiting process that uses enzymes or immobilized enzymes. Our research center in the UK has top scientists from the industry that can advise on immobilized resin selection options to give the customer the innovation they need to develop new products as well as reduce substantially their costs and be more competitive.
With just two of the many innovative new solutions mentioned above, that Purolite is developing, we are truly the company that has the research capabilities for any customer who wants to stay ahead of the game to work with. We welcome you coming to discuss any aqueous liquid challenges you may have and let us work together to convert these challenges into high value solutions for you.